Music Catalog Valuation and Analysis

Music copyright holders and those who represent them rely on Business Frame for extensive and thorough catalog valuation and analysis.

Music Catalog and Valuation Analysis


Royalty reports and records are compiled and formatted to model value.


Copyright contracts and records are collated and organized to build chain of title.


Comprehensive report and data file highlighting conclusions, calculation methodology, supporting data, and quallity of earnings.
Business Frame

Analysis and Valuation Workflow

Compile Information

We will meet with you to collect all of the records that apply to the catalog. This could be royalty reports, contracts, liner notes and any other information related to the catalog to help us understand what is being considered.


The Business Frame team then organizes everything. The data is extracted from the delivered reports and records and compiled in formats that can be modeled to project future earnings. The contracts are collated and bundled to document the chain of title. Issues and opportunities are illuminated at this stage.


A comprehensive report including formatted financial data and range of values, copyright chain of title, copyright metadata, and quality of earnings is produced for individual analysis by interested parties, investors, and lenders.

Frequently asked questions

What rights are controlled in a music catalog, their royalties, and how the market values them is an important part of the music business. Please check back here and reach out if we can answer any questions.

What is the price of a music catalog valuation?
Music Catalog Valuation services are priced at $100 per song with a 25 song minimum (ie 25 songs = $2,500), paid in advance.
What is needed to produce a music catalog valuation?
  1. Catalog list of titles
  2. 3-5 years of royalty reports
  3. Contracts associated with the catalog
How does the process of producing a music catalog valuation work and how long does it take?
We will send along a short agreement outlining the final work product one can expect along with a link for payment. Once the agreement is signed off on and payment is complete, one is given access to the portal to deliver any information, reports, and records. We will immediately begin working to organize, compile, augment, and model the information provided, and this may include a lot of communication with our team to make sure everything is accounted for. Once everything is delivered, the process of producing the valuation is typically about 4 to 6 weeks.
What does the Music Catalog Valuation and Analysis final work product include?
The Music Catalog Valuation and Analysis includes formatted historical and projected financial data, range of value, copyright chain of title, and quality of earnings.
Do you have referrals for other service providers related to music catalog valuation services?
Yes. We have decades of relationships with legal, accounting, management, and administration service providers that we are happy to refer.

Understand your music catalog.