Online Marketing Synopsis V19

03 Oct

content auditing

How to Properly Measure The Performance of Your Content
Creating content and looking at your analytics is an important part of SEO and traffic generation. However, few publishers understand how to properly assess their content and find out how they are performing. This guide teaches publishers how to organize their content, combine traffic data, and categorize their content to find the actual value (in dollars) of each piece of content.

Now You Can Tag All Your Content, Analytics, Remarketing, and More Without Fear
Most people are familiar with tagging when it comes to labeling blog posts but tagging is important for organizing many other things such as marketing campaigns, analytics, content, and documents. Google is making it easy to track and tag everything on your site with their new Google Tag Manager. Previously, adding tags was time consuming, hard to organize, and slowed down the speed of a site. This tool makes it easier, faster, and site friendly.

How the Google Exact Match Penalty Affected Websites Who Were Banking on Their Domain Name
Now that Google announced that they’re taking away the added weight of having an exact match domain name, everyone’s waiting to see how it affected websites who were banking on them. The results are surprising and it seems that the one element that separates the winners and losers is domain age. Other factors that don’t seem to contribute is content quality and links. Read more to get all the takeaways from this study.

Is SEO Dead? What the Future Holds for This Volatile Industry
Many professionals in the Internet marketing industry have been screaming that SEO is dead or is dying for some time now. It’s only natural that this opinion gets more vocal as getting traffic from SEO becomes harder and more time consuming than ever. SEOBook sheds light on who these people are, why they’re so adamant, and how you can learn from their mistakes.

Why There’s Still Room to Improve Your Blog… And 17 Ways to Do It
The blogging world has become saturated but you can still succeed in this segment of online marketing. The numbers show that it’s still one of the best ways to get traffic but how you get there is a different story. Like an A/B split testing campaign, you can see big improvements through multiple changes. SEOmoz lists 17 different ways you can improve your blog (with real life examples to back it up).

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